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About My Events

I perform advanced level solo classical piano music within a variety of venues from large concert halls to school cafeterias. I am always focused on providing the best experience for the hosts and their guests. I realize that it is their reputation that matters, not mine. Whenever possible, I share an inspirational testimony and relate it to the music. An example could be melody, harmony and dissonance as it relates to life.

In a "secular" environment I am comfortable sharing about topics like love, hardship, destiny and hope. Many people invite me to share a message that relates to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through my personal testimony I am able to connect with a wide audience from school children to international diplomats.

These events can be hosted in private homes, churches, hotel banquet halls, concert halls or schools. In private homes the host will offer appetizers or a dinner. Pianos can be rented if a suitable instrument is not owned. A church or Bible study group will often use the event as an opportunity for outreach, members inviting their friends, neighbors and co-workers.

In addition, I enjoy speaking at women's retreats or other group events. A piano is not required.

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