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About Me

I love music and power tools.  I love stage lights and garden dirt.

Music with Meaning is about beautiful music paired with a meaningful message.  I am uniquely able to perform classical piano music and weave it with an inspirational personal testimony.  People don’t come to my performances because they know me and want to hear me, or know the program I am performing and want to hear it.  They come because of who invited them. It’s all about relationship.  The “stage” could be a concert hall or a church sanctuary or a school.  My heart and hope is that those who come find meaning in the music and that they will hear a message that touches the deep places in their spirit illustrated by the beauty and depth of the music through my story as it relates to our Creator.

I love to practice.  I still practice scales and arpeggios because for the pianist they are like a basketball player shooting free throws. I spend hours at a time with my eyes focused 16” away on a complicated music score.  I suppose that is why I love going outside in my garden where my eyes can focus 20 acres away. I plant seeds, I pull weeds, I shove wheelbarrows full of compost from one place to another while my 11 chickens keep watch.  It is a balance.

I live in a rural area outside Xenia, OH on four beautiful acres in a house built in 1852. My husband and I have named the place The Sanctuary.  Please visit the “Lessons from the Sanctuary” tab to read some essays on what my life is really like!

Vince and I have been married 34 years. We have three married children and 3 grandsons.